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Sublimator with temperature control - oxalika premium
  • Sublimator with temperature control - oxalika premium
  • Sublimator with temperature control - oxalika premium
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12 V stove with temperature control device. The temperature self-regulates to 200° during sublimation. Made in Italy CE and Rohs compliant. Equipped with 2 measuring spoons.
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Thanks to temperature control:- You get a better evaporation of oxalic acid at the lowest temperature possible without running the risk that it, dissociating at higher temperatures, loses efficacy.

- You save time cause there is not necessary cool it between one treatment and the next

                          treatment time 1:30 minutes per hive- The battery lasts longer- It can run for thousands of cycles of treatment.FURTHERMORE:- The sublimation stops working before they have completely downloaded (and thus before ruining) the battery.- The electrical circuit is isolated from the metal parts and therefore, unlike other sublimators, do not run the risk of short circuit if more sublimators fed with the same battery come in contact with each other.

Power supply features: 12 Volt - 120 Watt (battery not included).Duration of treatment: about 1:30 minutes  (3 minutes if you cool it in water between one treatment end the next)    Oxalic acid is placed in the cup which will be inserted into the opening of flight. With the heating of the cup, the oxalic acid evaporates. Is thus formed in the hive a mist that covers the bees and all surfaces with a thin layer of oxalic acid crystals. These small crystals are tolerated well by bees but have lethal effect on varroa.The spring cup is connected to a solid grip from which there extends the cable of 3 meters equipped with terminals for the electrical connection.This enhancer is in compliance with European Directives, and therefore a CE mark, and complies with the Rohs Directive on the restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

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