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Disposable high resistance latex gloves (pack of 50 pieces)
  • Disposable high resistance latex gloves (pack of 50 pieces)
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Hi-Risk disposable gloves from the Pro Professional Division line, designed by ICO in blue latex for multipurpose professional use, offering excellent sensitivity, dexterity and comfort.
Hi-Risk Pro Professional ICO is an ambidextrous disposable glove produced in highly resistant blue natural rubber latex, subjected to a chlorination process and therefore with a very low protein content (<50μg/g) and without lubricating powder with an internal finishing edge opaque and micro-rough exterior with increased thickness and length.
The Hi-Risk Pro Professional blue latex disposable gloves have excellent elasticity at low temperatures, excellent chemical resistance to diluted detergents and detergents and to aqueous solutions of compounds in general, ideal for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, aesthetics and hygiene for the community and mechanical processing in workshops and body shops.

EN ISO 374-5:2016 VIRUSES

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